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Sonnen Australia have announced their “game changing” SonnenFlat program due to be launched on 6 July – watch this space!!!

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  • Sonnen Flat is a program managed by Sonnen in EU where they offer free electricity to Sonnen customers (up to 10 years); i.e Customers who have purchased a Sonnen battery and registered with Sonnen as their electricity retailer.

  • There will be conditions around who is eligible for the offer and how long electricity is free; primarily dependent on Size of Sonnen System and size of Solar  array – contact us for full details.

  • Sonnen can offer this deal as the software in their Sonnen system can leverage each customers’ battery as a supply for others in community therefore making homes energy independent.

  • Exact details of the offer will be available once the launch has occurred in July.

Below are some links to articles regarding a couple of announcements Sonnen have made over the last couple of months which will be a big disrupter in the energy market in Australia.

There are a number of unique benefits the Sonnen System brings to market as well;

  •  The Sonnen system adopts an intelligent algorithm which builds a user profile based on the households production of energy and consumption habits.

  • Dynamic Energy Management – constantly monitoring the charge/discharge control ratio to best suit self-consumption which results in a quicker ROI for the user.

  •  Integrated with Z-Wave technology – using the Sonnen app, the user can remotely switch household appliances on and off.

  • Sonnen Heater – utilising the GPS on your phone app the Sonnen system will switch on cooling/heating for user when they sense they are nearing home.

  • Sonnen is a German company with all products designed and manufactured in Germany.

  • How does Sonnen compare to other battery systems?? Click here to see the proof…….

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