Our “4 Stage Process”

We have developed our 4 stage process to combat increasing electricity costs and reliance on the Electricity Grid through implementation of energy efficient products and solutions to maximise savings and return on investment.


Stage 1 – Energy Efficiency Audit / Monitoring

The first step is to conduct a full onsite energy efficiency audit and assessment.

This involves the collection of data of all existing electrical infrastructure and equipment for example switchboards, lighting, air conditioning and water pumps to name a few. All items that use electricity could potentially be wasting energy and therefore all items are evaluated.

Thermal Imaging technology is also used to reveal energy losses through inefficient electrical equipment and services, thermal insulation, HVAC air flow and equipment issues, radiant heating malfunctions, compromised roofing, and much more. By detecting and locating patterns and sources of heat loss that are invisible to the naked eye, thermal images provide convincing evidence in reports where improvements need to be made and how well they’ve been completed.



Stage 2 – Feasibility Study

To enable our Engineers to design a complete solution to suit your exact requirements, we process the recorded data from Stage 1 above and implement other key strategies. We then conduct a feasibility study which we present in an easy to understand Financial proposal including return on investment, capital outlay and payback periods for all recommended products and solutions. These include, but not limited to, Solar PV installation, upgrades to LED lighting, electrical pumps and air conditioning.



Stage 3 – Installation of Products & Solutions

Our highly trained and skilled installation teams complete all works within an agreed timeframe. On completion of all works, we compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’ saving estimates to ensure all targets are achieved. This gives our Clients the confidence in our predictions before implementing any further strategies.


Stage 4 – Hybrid Integration

Our final stage typically occurs 2 to 3 months following the installation of products in Stage 3.

At this time, through the installed monitoring, we can visualise and review the improved load profile and usage data with the Client. This enables us to accurately design a Hybrid Solution incorporating a battery bank, diesel generator and/or Utility Grid. The system can be designed to source and draw power from any priority you set for your system.

Typically, we design your system to draw power from the Solar PV first, followed by stored battery power and finally, from the Grid or a diesel generator as the final back up. Note that the design ensures that the cheapest power is utilised first with the most expensive as a last option, typically being diesel powered generators.

On an ongoing basis, we continue to monitor all aspects of your power generation and consumption with no additional ongoing costs. We continue to work closely with all our clients to ensure they continue to achieve maximum benefits from the works and services we have provided.


How We Differ


How are we different to our competitors… We provide our prospective Clients with cashflow positive cost saving solutions. Further, we provide a written guarantee through our unique “Savings Guarantee Program”.


All of the savings that Eco Powered Solutions propose, are guaranteed. If the savings are not achieved, we will carry out additional work free of charge, or refund enough of the project value to achieve the guaranteed payback.

What We Value


We value the safety and well-being of our people, our customers and the communities in which we work. Eco Powered Solutions believes safety is not only a value but a culture that must be continually cultivated and maintained in order to provide their employees, clients and customers a safe and productive work environment. By approaching all projects with this mindset, the reward is easily demonstrated.


We deliver on our word. We are an honest, trustworthy and dependable partner.


We delight in new ideas and offer our partners innovative, imaginative and flexible solutions to meet their challenges.


We strive for excellence in the solutions, services and results that we deliver to help customers realise their vision.


We believe our employees make our success possible and encourage them to bring their
creativity, passion and commitment to everything they do.